Main Requirements for Publications

Authors` manuscripts to be published in the journal «Family Health — the 21 Century» should correspond to the topic, be original and not published before. If the materials of an article have already been published the author should inform the editorial board beforehand. The decision on publication of such materials is made by the head editor.

Authors are responsible for the contents of their articles.

Manuscripts are sent to the editorial office in two variants: electronically (CD disk or by E — mail) and printed in the format 4 (210×297 ) signed by all the authors with exact contact details (name, surname, academic degree, address, index, E — mail). The printed copy should exactly reflect the electronic one. Files are named in English.

Publications in the journal should be necessarily reviewed. The article should be accompanied by a review, the sign of a referee — be verified, the review — have a stamp. A referee can be a specialist having the academic degree of Doctor of Sciences in the field the work is written. Specialists and departments of the university where the author works can`t review articles. A positive review is the reason for publication.

The conclusive decision of the possibility of publication is made by the editorial board. «Blind» review of specialists in a definite field of medicine is also practiced. The editorial board conducts scientific and literary editing of the materials, if necessary reduces them on agreement with the author. If the theme of an article is of great interest for the journal the work can be sent to the author for correction and adaptation. The editorial board reserves the right to refuse an article which doesn`t comply with all the necessary requirements and topics of the journal.

In case of a refusal the editorial board sends the author a motivated conclusion.

The article should be sent together with the accompanying letter from the head of the organization or department and an application of the author (there`s an example below).

There`s no size limit but the editorial board can recommend reducing.

The sent articles cannot be published in case of a violation of the prescribed rules of formatting.

Writing a material we recommend keeping to the following academic rules:
Authors should prepare the electronic and printed text of a scientific article (articles):

  • Microsoft Office Word
  • Print «Times New Roman»
  • Main text — size 14
  • Interval 1,5
  • Upper and lower margins — 2,5 s, left margin — 3 sm, right — 1,5 sm
  • Paragraph — 1,25 sm
  • Paging on centre

The author sends a letter to the editorial office indicating the name and topic of the article, his personal data.

The letter should be accompanied by the application form and file with the article.

All grammatical rules should be observed. Some abbreviations are possible for repeated word combinations and scientific terms which should be firstly decoded.

Formulae are placed in the centre and consequently numbered with Arabic numerals in round brackets on the right of a page. All the materials of a publication should contain uniform formatting, formulae and symbols. Single-line formulae should have the same print size as the main text. Multiline formula size may be reduced.

Tables are named above and consequently numbered with Arabic numerals. The width and length of a table shouldn`t overrun a text line. Tables are made with Times New Roman, interval — 1, size 12 (size 10 is also acceptable in some cases). References for tables in the text are given in round brackets with its consequent number, for example: (table 1). Every column is named. References and notes for a table are placed below it. Vertical signs are not recommended. Tables shouldn`t double the results present in the text and pictures.

Illustrations. All figures, photos, diagrams, schemes (colored and black — and — white) are placed in the original text. They should be readable, clear, shouldn`t overrun a text line. Illustrating materials should be noted as pictures and consequently numbered by Arabic numerals. Photos should be electronical (TIFF, JPG, BMP). The editorial board can correct pictures without changing the contents. References for pictures in the text are given in round brackets with their consequent number, for example: (picture 1). Picture names are given below (Times New Roman, interval — 1, size 10).

Writing an article we recommend complying with the following requirements:
The manuscript should be well structured.

The title part shouldn`t be more than 0,5 of a page. It should contain the following information:

  1. Universal Decimal Classification Number
  2. Name of the article (capital letters, black type)
  3. Authors` surname and initials
  4. Name of the scientific institution (city, country)
  5. Abstract
  6. Key words

The title page is given in Russian and English.

The abstract should present the purpose of the research, materials and methods used, main results and conclusions, possibilities of its practical use (100–150 words) in the Russian and English languages.
Kew words (3–5 words).

Then the text comes. It includes the introduction, materials and methods of the research, the experimental part, results and conclusions, literature.
Scientific articles are supposed to contain standard terminology. Numbers are given in SI system. Names of chemicals are given according to IUPAC. Latin terms should be italic (Pinus sylvestris).

Introduction includes the analytical review of literature on the topic, motivation of the carried research, significance of the investigated scientific facts in theory and practice. The introduction should finish with formulating of the aims and purposes of the work.

Materials and methods.
At the end of this part there should be the information about the methods of experimental statistics. In the article it`s recommended to present full numbers  (=…, but not p< …). The correlation coefficient is given with its veracity (for example, r=0.485, = 0,006).

Results include the experimental part, analysis, generalizations and explanations of presented data. This part should take the main volume of the work.
Conclusions and recommendations. The article should contain answers to the questions arisen in the introduction, demonstrate concrete generalized conclusions and recommendations for practical use.

Literature list goes after the main text. Literature references are made in square brackets and numbered with Arabic numerals. If you cite a work several times, use the same number. The reference should contain: names, patronymics, surnames of the authors; the title of the article, journal, book; place of publication; publishing house; publication year, volume and page numbers as well as the names of editors and interpreters. The reference should contain the names of all the authors of the work cited. References should be given in the original language (Russian) alphabetically, then — in a foreign language. The names in the languages which don`t use the Roman script are transliterated in Russian. Several works of the same author should be given according to the year of publication (beginning with the earliest one). The references should meet all the requirements of the latest All Union State standard  7.0.5–2008.

After the article you should give the data necessary to process the journal in the Russian list of journals indexed: name, patronymic (full), surname of all the authors, post, academic degree, E — mail, telephone number, exact name of the scientific organization he(she) works at — every author`s place of work, city, postal address.

The same data are given in English.

If it`s possible it`s recommended to give the information about the source of financing of the conducted research.

Title Page Example
Article Payments
Recommendations for a Review
Author`s Application
Literary Reference Example
Review Form

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Four years ago at the XVth conference in Spain we decided that the following scientific meetings would take place in world capitals. For previous years we worked in Budapest, Lisbon, Tel Aviv and in 2015 we are planning to organize it in the Olympic capital of Russia Sochi.

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