V. Chereshnev
Head editor of the scientific journal 'Family Health the 21 Century'.

Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor,
Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences,
Chairman of the State Duma Science Committee.

Dear authors and readers!

Let us introduce to you a new edition — electronic research and practice journal " Family Health — the 21 century «.

Purpose of the journal. The electronic journal " Family Health — the 21 Century» is aimed for up-to — date scientific publications of scientists, practicing physicians and specialists, participants of scientific conferences and schools who`d like to introduce their original material.

Characteristic of the journal. The name of the journal " Family Health — the 21 Century» reminds of the title of the annual international scientific conference which`s been traditionally held in May for the last 12 years since 1996.

Main directions. Publications in the journal «Family Health — the 21 Century» illustrate different aspects of human health, i.e. medical, psychological, sociological, economical and other problems united by a general idea of the holistic approach to adult and child health.

Authors usually ask about the possibility of an urgent publication of the results of Doctor of Science thesis. The electronic journal "Family Health — the 21 Century" is included into the list of Russian peer-reviewed journals (http://vak.ed.gov.ru/ru/help_desk/list/) under № 835.


Dear Colleagues!

The XIXth International scientific conference Family Health - the XXI Century will take place from the 28th of April to the 5th of May 2015 in Sochi (Russia).

For 18 years in the borders of the scientific tourism conception the conference Family Health - the XXI Century is the stage for scientific exchange, debate and discussions. The discussion of up-to-date problems and questions helps to find the answers to challenges of the XXI Century. We are proud that the participants of our previous conferences, more than 1000 people, present the community of active likeminded people faithfully observing traditions. As a result of the conference 18 two language scientific volumes were published.

Four years ago at the XVth conference in Spain we decided that the following scientific meetings would take place in world capitals. For previous years we worked in Budapest, Lisbon, Tel Aviv and in 2015 we are planning to organize it in the Olympic capital of Russia Sochi.

This wonderful city, different from all other world metropolises, is city-park, city- conservation. Nowadays Sochi is one of business oriented centers of Russia. Every year many Russian and foreign scientists gather there at International forums, symposia and conferences. Modern Sochi strikes a balance between a variety of South nature, functional city infrastructure and different possibilities for productive communication and pleasant rest.

There`s no vanity, time goes in a different way and lure beauty of nature makes you forget about warnings and troubles, have rest and lose yourself in the atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Inimitable beauty of mountain gorges, cleanness and calmness of blue waters of the sea, rapid rivers, high altitude lakes and giant waterfalls it`s impossible to forget all this beauty after you see it for the first time.

See you in Sochi

P.S. Please, register yourself as a participant or as an author of a publication. All works will be published in the scientific journal Family Health - the XXI Century (peer-reviewed by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles, site fh-21.perm.ru). For registration click here. Preliminary dates of the conference 28.04.-05.05.2015, cost (without road payment) from 35 000 RUB. We are waiting for your participation!


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